School Facilities



The following are the various facilities at the school:

a)      Classrooms                                 -8

b)      Library                                         -1

c)       Laboratories                               -2

d)      Dormitories                                -2

e)      Staffroom                                    -1

f)       Administration office                -1

g)      Staff houses                                -2

h)      Kitchen                                        -1

i)        Security house                            -1

j)        Pit Latrines                                  -32

k)      Water                                        -Available

Electricity                                  - Available


School History

Wasio Mixed Secondary School was started in 1999. The first principal, Mr. Daniel Obado reported on 22/01/1999. The land on which …

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Fees Page



ALL payments are made at KCB, Wasio Mixed Secondary School, A/C No. 1106-556-674.

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